Cookies and Privacy


So, what are cookies? They are harmless tiny files containing numbers or meaningless strings of characters stored in your computer. They cannot carry viruses, can’t spy on you and won’t steal your soul.

What are they for? Main purpose it to let a  website make notes to itself.

For some reason the EU has deemed that you are told that these are in use.

With the exception of ‘third party cookies’ I’ve never understood why.

All cookies can do can do is tell somebody technical, with hands on access to your computer, that you’ve visited a particular site. That information would probably be in your browser history anyway.

Ironically most cookie notifications appear when they’ve already been created thus rendering the notification thing a bit pointless!

Cookies from this site are already on your computer. If that troubles you then please quit this site and clear the cookies from your browsing history.


As this site never asks you for any personal information then privacy is not an issue. Your IP address might be automatically logged by the WordPress statistical system but I never get to see it and don’t care anyway.


If a link on this site invites you to email me then your email address will not be passed on to anybody else without your instruction or consent.

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